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Mid Missouri Mudslingers Atv and Dirt Bike--Club By Laws

By Laws

Article  1 Club Name and Address
Article  2 Purpose
Article  3 Mission
Article  4 Composition
Article  5 Executive Board Officers Duties an Officers
Article  6 Election Process
Article  7 Membership Dues
Article  8 Membership Rights and Responsibilities
Article  9 Meetings
Article  10 Committees
Article  11 By-Law amendments
Article  12 Dissolution

Article 1: Club Name and Address


Mid Missouri Mudslingers Inc


16007 Hinkle Ave.

Belton, Mo. 64012


Article 2: Purpose


Article 3: Mission

Article 4: Composition


Article 5: Executive Board

  1. To preform the essential organization activities that must be enacted upon between meetings of the membership.
  2. To formulate and recommend programs and activities to the members of the organization and approval.
  3. To identify and help formulate committees necessary to further the purpose and functions of the organization.
  4. To carry on such other business as may be delegated to it by the organization membership.
  5. The executive board shall meet in sufficient time prior to regular meetings to formulate the agenda and have it printed for the meetings and on other occasions as called by the chair. A simple majority [51%] of the elected executive board members must be present to constitute a quorum for the transacting of business.
  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer 
  5. Webmaster


  1. Will exercise general supervision of the club and work with the members during conflicts.
  2. Will be the initial and primary contact with outside agencies.
  3. Will conduct meetings.
  4. Assigns committee chairs, committee tasking and receive committee reports.
  5. Will petition for vote at regular meetings.
  6. Other duties as required.
  7. will assume the duties of  Vice President if absent.
  8. Store club Properties.
  9. Other duties as required and assigned by the directors.

Vice President

  1. Will count and record results of all club votes.
  2. Assist the president in maintaining composure during meetings.
  3. If an officer position becomes vacant the Vice President shall temporarily assume their duties.
  4. Will promote group rides and community service projects. Club members are encourage to provide information regarding events.
  5. Handle club correspondence.
  6. If the President is unable to be present at functions the Vice President will assume the duties of that position.


  1. Keep a record of all membership applications and an up to date roster. Members are encourage to update the Secretary when their information changes. Information on club members will include emergency contact.
  2. Issue membership cards to members and advise when dues are past due.
  3. Keep a record of meeting attendance.
  4. Verify that anyone participating in any group events have a signed release form.
  5. Take notes at meetings and report minutes.
  6. Shall prepare all to maintain the clubs 501c3 status for non profit.
  7. Will be in charge of preparing and executing the any type of grant paperwork that the club is eligible to receive .
  8. If a grant is awarded, will also keep and maintain all records associated with that grant until it is completed in full.
  9. Will facilitate and organize all outside vendors and contractors.
  10. Will be the main contact for all grant and government affairs. The officer will report the progress of each item and prepare a report for the club at each meeting The report in writing will be kept with all club records by the secretary.


  1. Collect and distribute all monies, maintain accurate financial records and present a current balance report at each meeting.
  2. Prepare an annual audit for review by club officers.
  3. Maintain a club checking account requiring two officers signatures for withdrawal of funds.

Web master

  1. Shall be responsible for our website, email and other Internet based activities. 
  2. Shall be responsible for the newsletter, calendar of events, advertising, thank you replies, posters, and distribution of club information


Article 6: Election Process


Article 7: Membership and Dues


Article 8: Membership Rights and Responsibilities


Article 9: Meetings


Article 10: Committees


Article 11: By-law Amendments


Article 12: Dissolution